Do you have questions about my jewelry or my jewelry making process? Take a look below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why bullet casings?

In 2009 I had a spiritual awakening that was a driving force of transformation in my life. Bullet casings are very powerful vessels of destructions but I found good intentions in them as well. My love of bullet casings came from the circle of the casing and transforming the meaning of the bullet casing into a living artwork. As I explored bullet casings, I identified with the worn casings: ugly, dirty, grimy, difficult, harmful, disheartening. With time, the bullet casing and I were transformed into a vessel for love, change, peace, and acceptance in a world cluttered in gun violence and anger; it became my friend rather than my enemy. I hope that you can see the transformation from harm to hope in each piece you purchase.

Where do you get your bullet casings?

Most of my bullet casings are given to me from friends and colleagues who shoot for sport as spent shells from shooting ranges. 

Where do you get your stones?

I collect my stones from countries I've visited to support local economies and get my stones from the sources. If I don't collect them myself, I buy my stones from people who have collected stones from other countries.

What does conflict-free mean?

All of my diamonds are conflict-free, meaning they follow strict labor, trade, and environmental standards to ensure safe and ethical mining and trade of diamonds. I also ensure that all of my stones and bullet casings are ethically mined and sourced.

How do you prepare the casings?

Once I receive my casings, I take them to be cut down professionally. After that I tumble them and boil them to clean them thoroughly. Then I clean them spiritually with sage and imbue them with positive energy. Once they've been cleaned and cleansed, they're ready to become your new handmade piece.

Where are you located?

I work and create my jewelry in Baltimore, Maryland.

Do you use social media?

Social media is not my forte, but my lovely assistant helps where she can.


I use several kinds of stones in my transformative works. Browse through my commonly used stones below to learn their properties, birthstones, and common uses.

Amethyst:    Protection,Purification, and Divine Connection.  Helps clear negative and emotional patterns. February Birthstone



Aquamarine:  "Water of the Sea" Cooling, Soothing, Enhancement of clear communication. March Birthstone

Diamond:  Intensity, Radiance, Sovereignty.  Intensifies emotional states, helps burn through "old issues", Spiritual protection. April Birthstone




Garnet:  Strength and Security-Dispels negativity, worry and panic. Provides grounding and protection.  January Birthstone

Labradorite:  Magic and Protection, Amplifies the effects of healing prayers and affirmations.

Opal:  Intensification of emotions and purification, Powerfully stimulates emotional clearing and healing. October Birthstone

Pearl:  June Birthstone

Peridot:  Increases warmth, prosperity, and well-being, Helps one feel worthy and happy.  August Birthstone

Sapphire :  September Birthstone

Blue: Awareness and discipline, Encourages inner strength and confidence.

Pink:  Love and Forgiveness, Encourages gentleness and compassion in relationships

White:  Awarness, Clarity and Discernment, supports mental and physical clarity

Ruby: Life force, Courage, passion, strength, Inspires self-confidence and zest for life, trust and willingness.  July Birthstone

Tourmaline:  Healing, Strength, Vitality and Wholeness, Encourages one to embrace the spirituality of physical life.