About Gina


Creating for life. As a child, my favorite memories were playing in the wilderness of Kentucky and on the beaches of south Carolina.

Sustainability, using found objects for functional and practical applications, reusing and recycling were values due to circumstances. I’ve lived in Texas, Georgia, California, New York City and now Baltimore. I love fabric, stones, wood, metal, glass, mirrors, tiles, paint, shells, pods, all kinds of objects from nature and urban streets. My passion for jewelry began in New York where I studied art and earned a degree from Studio Jewelers.

I am constantly challenging myself to stretch into new territories of expression. Juxtaposing natural elements, found objects and unique precious stones, I want to create a wearable piece of art that comes alive and has special meaning. Each piece finds the stylish edgy wearer who is in touch with their warrior within and the two become one of power and joy.